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Reliable, Effective and Affordable SEO

SEO Optimization

”Over 80% of search engine users find what they are looking for within the first three pages.”

- Forrester Reports

We can help you build your site SEO to compete with the biggest websites in your niche on front page of Google search within a few months. We do exactly what Google requires of your site to stay on top. Our methods are legal, effective, and affordable.

We offer On-site and Off-site SEO Services, and our mission is to take our clients to the top of search results on all major search engines.

We offer;

  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Link Building Services
  • SEO Consultancy
Why US?

There are lots of SEO service providers in Nigeria, so why choose us? We treat each customer specially and our campaigns are tailored specifically to soothe your business. We provide effective & affordable SEO services smaller businesses can afford. Also, we keep updated with changing trends as search engines update their algorithms from time to time.

Social Media Management

In this Internet age, every business requires a strong social media presence. Social media is now an integral part of digital marketing and as such every business must handle it professionally like you would any other aspect of business.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Social media increases your search visibility.
  • Social media helps you keep your clients/customers updated with new products/services, policies and events.
  • Social media provides a channel for businesses to directly interacting with its customers, thus providing a means to help businesses gain trust of customers.

Social media requires laid lout planning, goal setting, and hands on execution which requires the account manage constantly monitor all accounts to update, engage and interact with customers.

We can save you the time and stress by helping you manage your social media accounts with a professional touch.

For further enquiries

Email us at info@seo9ja.com or call/whatsapp us on 07030595255